2-3-4 League

Levels sk-1 and Grades 2,3,4 will be playing at the field of Dublin Heights, located at 100 Bainbridge Avenue (Click here for Google map), which is west of Bathurst Street, east of Faywood Boulevard, north of Wilson Avenue, and south of Sheppard Avenue.

THERE WILL ALSO BE CONTINGENCY FIELDS! That means in case another group of people have the field before we get there and for some reason we are unable to remove them we have backup fields to play on. If you show up and see that there is no baseball game happening at your regular field, check the front page of this web site as they have moved to the contingency field. You coach will know this as well so you can call him (they are to call you, as well in this case, but perhaps they couldn't reach you)! Contingency fields are listed below, as well.


Anyway, onwards.....


Here is a map locating the MAIN field that these teams will be playing on:                       


 Games for Grades 2,3,4 will be played on Field 1, 2, and 3.

Games for SK-1 will be played on Fields A and B.



On this page, at around May 1, will be the dates of each game, the team match-ups, and the fields they will be playing on. The first team mentioned is the home team. They bat last and get last licks (see rules) and the away team bats first. 
The home team coach is also responsible for PICKING UP the equipment from the pick up location (to be determined). The away team is responsible for collecting all the equipment after the games and dropping it off at the pickup location. Each game goes from 5:00-6:30PM on Sunday (In case of rain, stay tuned to this web site for make up games)

Stay tuned for the the roster list.... (Expected Date, May 1) 




Any requests, questions, comments -- e-mail ClantonParkBaseball@yahoo.com